5 Free Games For Kids to Play Online

“Fun games pkv games for kids” consists of the collection of different kid’s games designed for the enjoyment of you and your kid. In this category, the most popular game is cognitively challenging, so easy that even your kid can play it. This category contains 15 games. These games are suitable for pre-school children up to grade six, in this category you will also find several games which are recommended for pre-school girls only. In this category you will find a game called the Musical Memory.

Nick Jr. is a funny puzzle game that is enjoyed by both boys and girls. To play Nick Jr. you need to use a mouse or keyboard. First of all, your kid clicks on any picture of a frog, which then attracts a number of butterflies. As soon as all butterflies have been fed, your kid will click on the frog again, earning him a point and thus advancing to the next level.

Peppa Pig: One of the best games for kids to play online free is Peppa Pig, this cartoon is full of fun and imagination. In this game, your kid has to run towards the finish line without touching any obstacles. If you kid runs out of space, he will fall down and if he touches an obstacle, he has to remove it by clicking on it. If you kid runs out of time, he fails and has to wait until the next level. The different levels are made of purple, yellow, orange and red colors and thus your little one needs to be able to select the color that best suits his desires.

Apple Arcade: Like Peppa Pig, Apple Arcade is also a game for pre-school kids to entertain them. In this game, your kid has to save the apple, which is shaped like a pistol, from the fireballs fired at it by the enemy. Your kid can use the various weapons available to damage the enemy, shoot at the targets etc. To win the game, your child has to pop all the balls in the apple arcade.

Disney Charades: Another of the fun games for kids to play online free is Disney Charades. This game is available on various websites including Yahoo and Microsoft. It is a multiple player game and the objective is to go through a series of Charades, answering the questions correctly. The answers come in the form of a picture or two and depending upon the correct answer your kid wins a prize.

Scavenger Hunt: It is another one of the popular fun games for kids to play online free and that’s Scavenger Hunt. In this game, you have to locate clues within a set time limit to win. For this, kids have to search among the clues in the game and the clues might come in the form of images, text or audio. There are different categories that can be selected depending upon the age and expertise of the kids. Some of the categories are Animal Quests, Movie Character Quests, Halloween and Thanksgiving themed Quests, etc.

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