Can You Use CBD For Health?

When most people think of CBD for health, they think of it as the little blue pill. The CBD Lube in this product is called CBD and it is found naturally in the plant cannabis. While you can’t buy CBD without a prescription from your doctor, many patients choose to grow their own CBD at home to benefit from its natural healing power. As more studies are completed and the benefits of CBD become known, more people are turning towards growing their own CBD for health purposes. While many studies have been done on the medicinal properties of CBD, there is very little information available on CBD for health.

So, what are the benefits of CBD for health? In a scientific review of numerous clinical trials and surveys, the findings were consistent in showing that CBD was effective in decreasing inflammation, pain, anxiety and sleep disorders. Those who took two hundred milligrams of CBD daily were found to have a significant improvement in mood disorders, including depression and anxiety, and they also showed an improvement in memory, attention, and thinking ability. In addition, those who took two hundred milligrams of CBD daily were found to have a significant reduction in seizures while those taking four hundred milligrams of CBD oil had a significant reduction in epileptic activity.

In addition to the aforementioned studies, several were performed on animals to determine if CBD oil would have the same effect on animals as well. Surprisingly, all tests showed that CBD slowed the development of tumors in test animals. Another study by a separate group of researchers found that CBD slowed the growth of breast cancer cells in human breast cancer patients. In another experiment, CBD proved effective in reducing the blood sugar levels in children with diabetes. Interestingly enough, CBD was found to protect the liver from damage in alcohol-induced cirrhosis of the liver in non-alcoholic test subjects. Finally, it was also shown that CBD reduced the incidence of asthma attacks in non-CBD test subjects.

The benefits of CBD for health and behavior are not limited to children or adults. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved the use of CBD for treating certain medical conditions in people with epilepsy and certain types of cancer. However, the manufacturer of one pharmaceutical company has filed a notice of non- FDA approval for a new oral form of CBD called “Savage CBD”. The company says that the new formulation is intended to be marketed under the brand name “VigRx”. If approved by the FDA, it is believed that Savage CBD will meet the current medicinal and scientific standards already in place for prescription drugs.

Whether or not CBD is beneficial in reducing seizure activity in children suffering from epilepsy may still be up for debate. Nonetheless, parents and grandparents may want to consider giving their child CBD for other reasons as well. Perhaps they don’t feel that pharmaceutical grade cannabis is sufficient to treat their child’s symptoms. Or perhaps they are afraid that the chemical compounds in the cannabis they use could be harmful to their infant.

One alternative parents have tried in order to alleviate their baby’s symptoms is hemp oil. Like the cannabis plant, hemp can produce CBD but it does not contain the psychoactive THC. What hemp oil does offer is something called “CBD oil” which mimics the effects of CBD but does not increase the likelihood of side effects like the cannabis does. In short, CBD for health is a real possibility and may help families with children who suffer from seizures, especially when administered under the care of a physician.

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