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The One Critical Piece of Your Motorcycle Helmet

With the growing interest in wearing motorcycle helmets, a variety of different helmet styles are available that come in all price ranges. Choosing the right one for you can be difficult because of all the choices. One thing that you may want to consider when trying to choose a helmet is where you are headed whenever you ride your motorcycle. Different areas have different minimum head protection requirements and these will need to be considered before you choose a helmet. All standard safety certifications is important when purchasing a new bike.

The first type of helmet that we will look at is the classic style that has a double pane glass shield over the face. This is the first of its kind and is still quite popular today. Many new style helmets have a slightly different design where the front part is completely made of a clear acrylic windshield. These are good for those hot sunny days and to keep dirt out of your eyes but may not be worth the investment for riders heading into rough terrain or into areas of heavy wind.

Next is the hard shell motorcycle helmet. A hard shell protects your head from all the forces of an impact except for the wind and flying debris. These are very popular among bikers and are a very important part of any motorcycle helmet. You can get very stylish models with a triple or four-wheel base that has a very unique look. A lot of times a hard shell is reinforced by chromium or carbon fiber incorporated into the shell. These models are very expensive and are only really suitable for serious motorcycle riders that often race or participate in other extreme sports such as motocross.

If you are looking for a nontraditional motorcycle helmet that looks just like a regular bicycle helmet then you will find that there are a few options here as well. There are some that have a hard body piece that extends from the helmet face shield to encompass the entire face and this can be adjusted as you wish. You also have the option of having a removable shield that is placed over the traditional protective face shield.

Many states mandate that motorcycle helmets worn by drivers be approved by the Department of Transportation. So, if you want to ride without a helmet then you need to get one approved before you hit the road. Some states have made it legal to buy non-approved motorcycle helmets as long as they meet DOT standards. These helmets are often thinner than the approved helmets and they don’t have the added safety features that the approved helmets do. Non-approved motorcycle helmets are not allowed on some state public highways.

The helmet for motorcycle helmets that we are discussing above is the safest one on the market because it meets the requirements of both the Department of Transportation and DOT standards. It is also quite inexpensive. So, if you are interested in one then you should start your research immediately so that you get the best deal possible on one that fits your needs and looks good on you as well. Happy riding!

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