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Can You Give Your Pet’s CBD?

Can you imagine a better example of Balance CBD for humans than the story of Charlotte Figi? It certainly made the news and attracted a lot of attention. The story began when Charlotte Figi went into a coma and refused to eat. Doctors eventually discovered that she had been suffering from a rare case of CBD deficiency. That is the exact opposite of most CBD oils for human use.

CBD for humans

So what is CBD for humans and why was it so important in this case? Well, the fact that she didn’t eat for a period of time speaks for itself as being a rather extreme event. It didn’t quite qualify as headlines, but it’s still worthy of note. Every time there’s a major health crisis, all the media seems to run with a story that highlights a short-term problem that could be solved by taking a long-term view. That’s why the Charlotte Figi case has been followed by a string of stories highlighting how CBD is the answer to many health problems.

When discussing CBD for humans, it’s worth remembering that the primary effect is in animals. Dogs suffer acute injuries that render them unable to function normally in their natural habitat. As a result, dog owners have to do everything possible to give their dogs a chance to regain their old ability to roam free. One such device is the so-called “cradle to grave” collars. This kind of device allows doctors to administer doses of CBD to animals before they die.

CBD for humans has obvious implications for dog owners. But it has a very big impact on pet owners too. In essence, the story tells us that it’s impossible to stay happy and healthy when your dog is constantly in pain. So how can you make sure that your pets are always well?

The best solution, according to the latest medical research, is to administer small amounts of CBD to your pets, twice a day. The exact dosage will depend on a number of factors including age, general health, the size of the animal, its weight, breed, and its genetic makeup. In addition, there may be specific factors such as allergies, which must be taken into account when prescribing a dosage. It’s also important to keep in mind that CBD should only be added to oil or water-based products.

If you’re worried about whether or not your pet can handle CBD for humans, you should consider two things. First, experts are now saying that it’s unlikely that CBD is harmful to humans. And second, even if it is, the long-term effects of small amounts of CBD are believed to be beneficial to humans. At the very least, CBD is probably safer than most commercial pet products. Hopefully, the next time you order pet products from the store, you’ll choose one that contains CBD.

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